Offices and production studios. Daily cleaning of offices, computer rooms, kitchenettes including dishes, corridors, stairwells, toilets, hall

Glass surfaces

Windows: windows and frames, gates, window ledges and support, displays, shopping-windows, glass-domes, glass roofs, blinds, façades and portals

Building site

Intermediate or basic cleaning. End-of-construction cleaning: cleaning at the end of the work to allow immediate occupancy of the premises.


Deep cleansing by shampooing: Deep cleaning by injection / extraction:


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Cleaning after painters and renovation

We clean after the work of painters and craftsmen: transformations, renovations, damage of water or fire, etc.

Deep cleaning
  • All types of flooring

  • False ceilings and wallpapers

  • Furnishing objects

  • Industrial installations

  • Pools and sanitation facilities

  • Basement and storage

  • Water or fire damage

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